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An issue that inspires me to raise my voice is that some people don’t have freedom of speech. Right now, while I’m writing this post, I can because I have freedom of speech. Knowing that some people can’t even make a blog post about something that interests them or they have a personal connection to just seems wrong. People have fought very hard for everyone to be treated equal, and that includes people having the write to say what they want to say.

According to CPJ.org in Eritrea, Africa only state media is remitted to publish news, and even then live in continual fear of being arrested for saying anything that is understood as critical to those in charge; power. The last privately owned media site was suspended and their journalist was put in jail, this was 2001. In North Korea all the information of the main 12 newspapers, 20 magazines, and broadcasts comes from the Korean Central New Agency and focuses mainly on political leadership.

Another thing from the article states that when Ethiopia adjusted for its May 2015 elections, the state cracked down on the remaining independent publications filing arrests of journalists and intimidation of printing and handing out companies (Advertisement about those who were running). In 2014 10 independant journalists were arrested for the largest offensive posts against the press since 2005.

In Azerbaijan the main sources of information are broadcasts and they are owned by the state. Social media and new websites are also blocked also so people can’t access them. Emin Huseeynov is the director of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS) and he was forced into hidding in August when authorities searched his office, confiscated all of IRFS’s documents, and sealed the premises (deny access to area). Also, not only was the IRFS organization forced to break off from work, but so were other international non-government who suppoted the local media.

Seeing all of these things being done and all these people who are denied the ability to say what they want when they want make me what to take action. It makes me sad that there are people out there that can’t say or write their opinion on something. All I can hope is that these people who think to is fair to say that someone can not voice their opinion on something, like others do everyday in other countries like the U.S. sees that what they are doing is wrong. I also hope that after reading this post you think it is wrong and unjust too and that you raise your voice!

3 thoughts on “Raise Your Voice!

  1. Excellent post, Kathryn! (This is your mentor again.) You picked an important topic that many U.S. students take for granted, the ability to say what you want without fear of punishment. You gave some great examples of countries that don’t allow free speech, and I’d add China to that list. In any of those countries, people know that if they speak out against the government, they face imprisonment and their families will also be punished. It’s an important topic for all of us to be aware of. If you’d like to add a Raise Your Voice badge to your sidebar, here are the directions: Raise your Voice Badge

  2. Hey Kathryn,
    I love your post so much and I can really connect to it. Having the ability to express ourselves to the world through this blog and social media, is such a privilege and I truly believe that every voice should be heard in places that you talked about, such as Africa, Ethiopia, and Azerbaijan! Do you think you will be a freedom of speech activist in the future? Because I think you should! Thanks so much for bringing this topic to my attention and inspiring me with your words! I hope you visit my blog soon at https://ellanissi5601.edublogs.org

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