Week 7: Nature

Something in nature that I think is cool is how living things depend on each other for their survival. This is called interdependency. For example from Slide Share, crocodiles invite plovers into their mouths but does not eat them. From this the plovers picks meat out of

Photo by Pandiyan V
Photo by Pandiyan V

the crocodiles teeth and prevents infection, while the plovers get a free ‘meal’. Another   example from ck12 is when hummingbirds or

Photo by carterse
Photo by carterse

bumblebees drink nectar from a flower. A bumblebee or hummingbird needs the nectar like we (humans) need water. Something else is when cubs lick the insects off of each other. When they do this they are making it so the insects can cause no harm the animal, such as infection. The cub that is doing the licking is getting a free snack also.

Even us humans depend on other living things. For example, we get the milk that we drink from cows. We also get cheese from goats along with other things. Another material we get is wool from sheep or goats. We use wool to make sweater and other clothing, and wool is very warm so a lot of people wear wool in the winter to stay warm.

Animals use the warmth of other animals to stay warm also. As an example, in the winterP

Photo by GAC'63
Photo by GAC’63

cubs may sleep next to one another to help them keep warm. Other animals that do this are puppies, foxes, and kittens.

Animals may also eat one another to survive. Although this doesn’t sound kind, not all animals that eat other animals are the cause of that animals death. Some animals that feed off of animals only eat animals that are already dead. Animals that eat other animals may do that only because they can find no other source of food. With that being said, the only way for that animal to survive is to eat the already deceased animal.

6 thoughts on “Week 7: Nature

  1. Kathryn,

    I also share the same interest in how animals live off each other in a food chain. For instance, flies eat off plants and fruit. Then spiders use the flies as meals. Then insect eaters such as frogs use spiders as a food resource. Then the chain so on continues to the top predators. This part of nature is very interesting and shows nature as its own working society.

  2. Kathryn,
    What a great post about interdependency! I know that we humans depend on animals and plants for survival, but how do they depend upon us for their survival or could they survive without us?

    1. A lot of people hunt and this causes us to kill a lot of predators that go after smaller pray. Without us, there would be a lot more larger animals than there are right now. That is only one of many ways that people help some species of animals to survive.

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